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Falling Leaves and Rising Leafs

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Here we are again; the Fall is upon us, and as the long days of Summer started to dwindle, the city of Toronto still had at least one thing to look forward to; Toronto Maple Leafs’ hockey. In past years, it had become poetic; not only did the season (pun intended) signify the falling of the leaves, but also the imminent fall of our beloved Maple Leafs. But this year is different (hold the eye roll) – no actually; the Maple Leafs look promising!

The anticipation has been building ever since last year, and so have we at The Citizen. The Citizen has curated a menu for the ‘casual sports bar drop-in’ to the avid daily this-is-my-bar-seat Leafs fan. With a new menu that features a new Starting 5 at 5 special (5 Apps, $5 Each, 5-7pm Tuesday through Friday), coupled with $5 drinks, The Citizen truly has become your home bar pre-game through post-game!

The Starting 5 at 5 features enticing additions like our Loaded Potato Bites and Chef Binh An’s Hoisin Meatballs, along with traditional menu favourites like our Beet Avocado Taco, Chips & Dip and everyone’s favourite Chicken Wings. Pair any of those with our $5 Beer, Bar Rail or House Wine specials between 5-7pm, and The Citizen is your ultimate pre-game destination! Let’s Bring that #HomeBarAdvantage Toronto, book with us now!